Former Milan coach Arrigo Sacchi has stated that he doesn’t believe Max Allegri’s style can be successful in Europe.

“Juventus play an Italian style of football,” Sacchi said on Radio 24.

“Allegri can’t be challenged, his way of playing isn’t the way to win in Europe.

“At Milan we had a powerful club with a certain history. It wasn’t enough to win, we had to win and convince. Usually whoever plays best wins in the end.

“My Milan was an ambitious club that did not disregard the style of play, we wanted to impose ours rather than just suffer that of the others.

“These days we only judge the result. I think of the ’94 World Cup, we were losing to Nigeria in the 90th [88th] minute.

“Then we managed to win, and all the articles written when we were losing were torn up.”

Sacchi was asked about the current season.

“It was one of the most interesting Serie A seasons we’ve had. There were four or five teams that wanted to impose their game: I’m thinking of Sampdoria, Atalanta – even Benevento.

“Roma have courage and ideas, while [Napoli Coach Maurizio] Sarri was the progenitor of this way of playing that I see with many clubs. Even the smaller ones are following him.

“Playing well leads you to win, but of course if you have someone who scores like [Juventus striker Gonzalo] Higuain it’s better.”

Sacchi and Allegri clashed in March 2014 after Juve lost to Atletico 1-0.

Sacchi accused Juve of playing for a draw, something Allegri didn’t appreciate.

“Either you were watching a different game, or I was,” he retorted.

“You and I have two different footballing philosophies. We were trying to limit Atletico’s strengths by controlling the ball. We had a lot of possession.

“We played to win. We just didn’t manage it.”


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