6th May

It felt like Juventus won the league yesterday. And perhaps we did, in all but official confirmation, which given our season long form could well come only at the final whistle of the game at home to Verona. I felt most disappointed this weekend, not for yet another poor showing of our own crowd where…yes yes! We ground out the result, a freak own goal and superb individual performance from Costa covering over the many cracks which appeared throughout…but it was with Napoli that I was disappointed. To have come so far, unflinching in their determination to play their football the way their coach and players had all bought into from the first whistle, and to be presented with such a wonderful opportunity to win their first Scudetto since Maradona’s time at the club, only to fail so awfully at the final hurdle…Now please do not consider me a closet Naples fan. I despise their owner, though respect the contribution he has made to giving a immensely passionate, lunatic city a team to be proud of. I am also no fan of Sarri, other than from a tactical and man management perspective. For both de Laurentiis and Sarri possess this awful ugliness of character. Pugnacious, slimy, bombastic, misogynist, cunning…seems an accurate overview of the two combined. Yet still, I am surprised by their capitulation.

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