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Juve-Bulgaria finished second in  a tournament over the weekend losing 5-1 in a final to Chelsea. The tournament featured almost exclusively professional footballers and was used to raise money for children with hearing problems. The teams were based on fan clubs of major European teams.

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Juve-Bulgaria’s tournament started with a 1-0 loss to Chelsea before beating squads representing Bayern Munich and Barcelona, 3-1 and 1-0 respectively. In the knockouts Juve-Bulgaria defeated a local side in the tournament (3-1) and Galatasaray (2-1). A 1-1 draw against Liverpool in the semis needed penalties to see Juve advance where they were defeated by Chelsea.

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If you would like to donate money to the cause you can reach the Bulgarian fan club’s association IBAN at: BG53UNCR70001522362221 at Unicredit Bulbank (SWFIT code is NCRBGSF).

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