Juventus striker Gonzalo Higuain spoke to Guardian about his goalscoring, time at Juventus and Gigi Buffon.

“For me, it’s about always having the image of the goal in my mind. That’s fundamental, I think. An obsession? No, not that. More like an obligation. It’s traditional that you score goals as a striker. That’s why I play football. Someone who can’t feel this pressure does not love this sport. Football is constant pressure, from day to day. You need to know how to live with that. Football for me is the most ever-changing sport in the world. You can go seven games in a row, scoring in all of them, then you don’t score for two games and already you’re doing badly. You’re in crisis. But that’s what happens to people who are strong at what they do, right? Everyone gets used to seeing you score lots of goals, and then when you don’t score for two games they get surprised. That’s actually a rather beautiful thing, it’s cute. So, like I say, for me football is ever-changing. But, yes, it is still fun. My philosophy for football is to be happy with what you’re doing. When they say that you’re one of the strongest in the world, you need to carry on in the same way as you do when they say that you’re dead.”

“Pay attention to people who want good things for you: to your team‑mates, to the staff … If my father says something, or my manager says something, or my club’s president says something, that interests me. Not someone who does not know me and is not saying these things to help me get better. You need to have the humility to continue growing. Gigi Buffon always says as much: he’s almost 40 years old and he still believes he can improve. Imagine. I feel like I can as well. I’m young. I hope I’ve still got lots of years ahead of me in football.”

“Here, at Juventus, you play to win everything. That’s the mentality. That’s what they let you know right when you first walk in the door. Last year we were close. This year we will try again.”

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