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The word leader from a strict point of view should mean “the one who has a more prestigious role inside a group with particular abilities and charisma”. In football the word “leader” is a lot more than just a noun, it’s a symbol identified by the team and fans. It’s a person who represents a kind of world, in this case the Juventus world. It’s a person to rely on during a match and above off the field. Both inside a silent locker room and when infronting the frustration of the media. Giorgio Chiellini certainly is a symbol of Juventus. He was there during the time of Capello, when Juve was in Serie B, when Juve was doing badly in Serie A, when the Bianconeri were born again and he is still here today in the center of defence. Many see him as a leader of Juve when Buffon will leave, as the other players maybe aren’t so convincing. But in reality there always exists two points of view.

Why he’s a leader:

He is identified as a symbol of the Juventus mentality. Hes fightingwill, grit and sweat for the bianconeri colours under the eyes of everyone is really something. Maybe these qualities are enough for him to be the essence of this Juventus, even more so after the departure of Bonucci. He is a symbol of continuity, from the Scudetto of 2006 til’ today, all the stages Chiello was there. He is identified, both by Conte and Allegri, as a main starter and who always gives something on the field, though his technical skills aren’t that great. Often he is the one who faces the cameras, to present his bianconero figure, but often his statements make the people of Juve to scratch the back of their heads.
Why he isn’t a leader:
Words are important, more so if you want and need to be a leader of a machine like Juventus. And often his words are the things that have let down Juve fans. It’s easy to guess why it’s like that. Let’s return to the last season. Juve had drawn against Sevilla in the Champions League and Chiellini comments:”With all of respect, Real Madrid can win 6-2, but Juventus needs to win 1-0 or 2-0, that’s what also the history of this society tells. It’s not said that we can’t try to win 3-0, but we are a team that when we are leading then our priority is not to concede.” Statements that most of Juve fans didn’t agree on. Words like these what he also said after the loss in Cardiff:”We’re used to it and everything passes with time. The experience remains. It was everyones dream, but we will try again next year.” He did not only annoy the fans, but maybe also lost charisma in the eyes of someone else in the same locker room. It’s easier to think about another statement, though not that elegant, but still words of a leader and of a winning mentality , the ones of Dani Alves:”You win with attacking.”

In conclusion, some people think he’s a leader and some people don’t. Some think he is the symbol of the past, present and future of Juve, while others are dissapointed by the lack of his winning mentality in Europe. Juventus teaches: “Winning is the only thing that counts.” On which side are you?

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