Eusebio Di Francesco maintained his side need to adopt Juve’s winning mentality after a 0-0 tie saw Juve win a 7th straight Scudetto.

“What Juve have more than anyone else in Italy is the mentality that has been built up over the years,” Di Francesco told Sky Sport Italia.

“They also have a strong club behind them and manage to remain united even during difficult moments. I think it’s decisive that they are able to wash their dirty laundry in private and that is something all clubs ought to do, taking this mentality as an example.

“I think this evening we played well. Perhaps we weren’t quite as sharp when making the most of the times we won back possession, but we did control the game to a degree.

“Roma have grown over the last year, but we mustn’t stop now. We can shrink the gap with Juventus by improving the squad and our mentality, setting rules and ensuring they are respected.

“Not thinking that the most talented players should sit on a podium and be watched by the others, but making everyone feel as if they are essential. We tried to create that idea.

“We’ve got to break away from this tendency to get depressed easily and then get over-excited by two wins in a row. We must treat victories and defeats in the same way, not look back at what has been done, but forward to what we still can achieve.”


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