A new feature has been added to our site in order to provide our international community a chance to feel a sense of family and togetherness. Around J is proud to introduce a comments section on our website for each article posted. This will be available on every article each and everyday and will give all of our Around J members a chance to add their thoughts and opinions on the article posted.

Feeling happy after a Juventus victory? Feeling anger after a tie or loss? Around J now gives you a way to vent or rejoice through the new and improved comments section! This is something we feel will allow fans to post exactly how they feel about our beloved Juventus.

To be able to comment, you must be a member of our Around J website. What if I’m not? Good news! It is absolutely free to join! Simply follow the login or signup procedure at the bottom of the article and voilà, you are ready to start commenting!

Stay tuned for an all-new feature coming soon: The Forum Section! Our fans and members will be able to start their own conversations and have our other members comments within them! These are just some of the ones Around J is trying to make our community get to know each other better even miles apart!


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