Italy captain Gigi Buffon had a pre-match pressconference in the view of today’s World Cup qualifier Italy-Sweden played in Milan at the San Siro.

“It is certainly a moment of high tension, considering what is at stake and the sense of responsibility each of us must bear.”

“There’s no point denying there is the possibility we can overturn this result and we are cradling this objective, this dream, but also realise it is an important game for the history of our Nazionale.”

“Me retiring? Many times in my career, I have been faced with these crossroads, in or out. Sometimes it was in, sometimes out, but that’s the journey we all go through. It changes nothing in my future and my rapport with the Nazionale. What does change is that a victory, regardless of my own personal progress in the Nazionale, means a lot for the team, the Coach, the fans and our entire football movement.”

“I count for nothing in this. The only thing that I would have would be a personal satisfaction, but in the wider scheme of things, I am irrelevant.”

“Experienced players helping youngers in these situations? We all experience these things in our own personal way. As far as I am concerned, I’ve been very tense since Friday and have the right focus for this match.”

“We want to send the Italians a message not with words, but with action on the field. We invite them to support us, but realise the time has come for us to show them what we’ve got. I would love for those who come to the stadium tomorrow to take off their club colours and all wear the Azzurri jersey that unites us all.”

“Sweden have been playing in a very consolidated way for many years and their attitude won’t change. It all depends on how we step on to the field.”

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