Gianluigi Buffon admitted that, despite losing three Champions League Finals, Buffon achieved his life’s dream.

“I realised the greatest dream you can have as a kid, but also as a footballer,” Buffon said to Copa90.

“When I was little I’d look through sticker albums and dream of playing in Serie A, playing for the national team, but perhaps dreaming of a World Cup was too much.

“I slept before the Champions League finals, but before the World Cup I didn’t sleep for even a minute.

“Winning the World Cup is worth a ticket for life, making that kind of mark on life is unique, it means you can die in peace.”

Buffon is looking to earn a record 6th World Cup appearance if his side can successfully win the playoff games in November.

“We still have to earn it, I hope we can get there. When you represent Italy you can’t not dream of winning, the dream has to be there.

“I’ve never started a competition not thinking I could win it. As an athlete you shouldn’t kill dreams or ambition. The dream is there, then of course there are percentage chances of winning, depending on the team you have.”


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