Andre Bocelli has revealed his football allegiances and made a shok claim about Juventus today.

“I’ve always been an Inter fan, but above all I’m anti-Juventus,” Bocelli said.

“My passion for the Nerazzurri comes from my years at college, when the ‘Grande Inter’ [of the 1960s] won everything in Italy and the world.

“Only the youngest of my children, who is just five years old, hasn’t yet developed a passion for Inter, but I’m working on it and I think I’ll succeed.

“When Inter won the Champions League? I was with friends and the was TV on, but I was listening to the game on the radio and the reporter’s voice came a few seconds before the images on TV.

“As such, I heard about the goals in advance, spoiling it for my friends. I was also moved by their tears.

“The treble was a joyous moment, which no-one in Italy will be able to match.”

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