Around J is the biggest community of international Juventus fans created by a true Curva Sud fan born and raised in Turin. Thanks to our presence on all the main online and social media platforms, we connect Juventus fans from all over the world and provide all the necessary information about the team from a fan’s perspective. The Around J community is getting bigger and bigger every day, now with more than 500,000 active followers from more than 140 countries.

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“Meeting up with Around J has allowed many fans to see just what Juventus means to the city of Turin and its inhabitants, while also showing them parts of the city unlikely to appear in any guidebook.” (Adam Digby, Bleacher Report)

“When our trip rolled into Turin, a group of Juventus fans we met perfectly crystallised what it meant to be a football fan: they had bonded over their shared love of Juventus. Whether they were from Serbia, UK, Poland or the U.S., they clearly had one thing in common.” (Albert Rosete, Copa90)

  • has all the news related to Juventus, straight from Turin. The perfect website for every Juventus fan, done by Juventus fans!
  • Around J App has all the Juventus news in real time, in 6 languages (English, French, Spanish, Indonesian, Arabic and Portuguese), with notifications for breaking news and much more. Free download on Google Play and iTunes!
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Interact with other Juventus fans!
  • Match Day! Enjoy the atmosphere of the Juventus Stadium with live pictures, videos, predicted line-ups, exclusive match previews and post-match analysis!
  • Activities from main Juventus Clubs around the world.
  • Calciomercato! The most reliable Juve transfer news and special rumors straight from Turin!
  • Weekly Juve Podcast with match day discussions, transfer news, interviews, and more!
  • The best Juventus pictures, match highlight videos, goals, and player skills – all in one place!

Around J is not an official site of Juventus F.C. S.p.A. and it is not in any way related to Juventus F.C. S.p.A.“ Juventus, Juve and the logo are of exclusivity use of Juventus F.C. S.p.A


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A little bit of history.

  • March 2014. A community of International Juventus fans was created on Facebook and was originally called Around Juventus, having Marylin Monroe wearing a Juventus jersey as their logo. The target of the founder, a long-life Curva Sud fan, was to provide Juventus news in English to all the fans around the World, including live photo and news directly from Turin and the Juventus Stadium.
  • February 2015. Around Juventus started to welcome International fans in Turin, providing them 360 degree support. The network was continuosly expanding, hitting the presence of 100 Countries.
  • June 2015. Around Juventus was present in Berlin for the Champions League Final against Barcelona. This event gave the network big exposure (
  • July 2015. Around Juventus network started to operate on Instagram and Twitter.
  • August 2015. The first version of the Around Juventus APP in English was launched. The old logo was replaced by a new one thanks to a contest launched within the network.
  • September 2015. In agreement with Juventus F.C. we decided to change the name of the community in Around J because the word “Juventus” is a registered trade mark and can not be used.
  • December 2015. The new Around J app was launched on the App Store and Google Play. Around J hosted more than 150 members in Turin during the whole 2015.
  • January 2016. The Around J website was launched. The network is currently having more than 100.000 members and is keeps growing very fast.
  • July 2016. Around J count more than 250.000 followers on the three main social channels and is expanding very fast.
  • January 2017. Around J count more than 450.000 followers on the three main social channels and launched the first Membership Campaign.



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